A Celebrity Visits My 5th Graders!

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On Friday, March 16th I had the opportunity to meet actor and author, John Amos. Most know John Amos for his famous acting roles in Good Times and Coming to America but he is also known for writing a children’s book called A World Without Color.

Thanks to the Shaka Franklin foundation, my classes got to meet Mr. John Amos. The foundation purchased a copy of his book for each of my students. John wrote a personal note in every book and autographed each one!

After reading his book to my students, John shared his personal journey with us. We learned about his life as a student, his acting career, and his journey becoming an author. He spent over 2 hours with my students! They enjoyed listening to him read and engaging in personal conversations with him. It was fun seeing my kids become so engaged in his book and have deep conversations about it with each other.

Students were so excited about his visit. “I have never had anything so precious before in my life” says one student after reading her copy of the book. “I will never forget Mr. Amos. He has inspired me to want to write stories about my life!” another student writes after listening to Mr. Amos share his personal journey.

This is certainly an experience that has created a lasting memory for me. The day I got to meet a celebrity was such a special day!



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