Educational Philosophy


Educational Philosophy

  Teaching is one of the most important professions an individual can have. I believe that my job as a teacher makes a difference in young people’s lives. What could be more important than working with and helping to shape the future leaders of our society?  I feel that my role as a teacher is crucial in children’s lives.  As a teacher I am teaching students skills which will enable them to become contributing members of society.

               Most importantly, I believe that all students can learn.  It is important that I am aware of the most effective way that each student learns.  I want to facilitate learning by employing as many strategies as I can.  I make sure to keep in mind Multiple Intelligences Theory when I am planning and teaching.   No one set of teaching strategies work best for all students at all times.  For this reason I make sure to incorporate art, art, music, and movement into my classroom and daily lessons.  I truly believe that children learn best by doing.  Some children may express themselves best through art, music, or movement.  It is important to employ a number of different strategies for teaching so that every child has the opportunity to learn the best way he/she can.

               Students should be challenged daily in the classroom.  I believe it is important for children to be placed in situations daily where they are able to use critical thinking skills, problem solving, and creative thinking skills.  Children should be pushed to think outside of the box.  As a teacher, I feel that I can help children become better critical thinkers by asking them higher level thinking questions.  Children need to know how to use higher levels of thinking to pull important information from the text and cite evidence when they are speaking or writing.  It is important to allow students to have their own opinions, but they should be taught how to use other skills to seek out new and different information.  Along with teaching important critical thinking skills, I also have high expectations for all students. Every child can succeed and all children can meet their goals.

               Technology is a passion of mine. I believe that technology should be used daily to enhance student engagement, teacher instruction, and student outcomes. Most careers that students will hold in the future will require proficiency in the use of technologies. I believe that it is my job as an educator and school leader to teach students the technology skills necessary to be contributing members of their society.  Technology should be used to both enhance daily lessons and increase student engagement.

               Teaching is a rich and rewarding profession.  As a teacher I believe that I help students become life-long learners, thus helping make their lives fuller and more rewarding.  I will help my students become active thinkers, learners, and contributing members of society.