About Me



I am an elementary educator with 11 years of teaching experience. I have taught in second grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade classrooms.  I earned my elementary education degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. I live in Denver and am currently teaching 5th grade at Village East Elementary in Cherry Creek Public Schools. I will be graduating from CU Denver with my masters in technology literacies this December.

Currently, my educational interests include increasing differentiated learning, technology in the classroom, and parent and community involvement.

In my free time, I enjoy camping, hiking, traveling, golfing, walking my dog, Addy, and drawing. I am a  Broncos fan and spend a lot of time watching football. I think of myself as being a creative, active person who loves new adventures.

On June 2nd, 2017 I gave birth to my daughter, Cora. My husband, Greg, and I enjoy traveling with her and spending time in the mountains together. Cora is an active baby who loves to chat and be outside!


Educational Philosophy

  Teaching is one of the most important professions an individual can have.  I believe that my  job as a teacher makes a difference in young people’s lives.  What could be more important than working with and helping to shape the future leaders of our society?  My role as a teacher is crucial in children’s lives.  As a teacher I am teaching students skills which will enable them to become contributing members of society.

  I believe all students can learn.  It is important that I am aware of the most effective ways to teach all students based on their learning styles.  I want to facilitate learning by employing as many strategies as I can.  I make sure to keep in mind Multiple Intelligence Theory when I am planning and teaching.  I often use project-based learning practices within my classroom. Students learn best by doing and being exposed to real world problems and situations. Learning should be fun yet require students to think critically.

  I find great joy in connecting students’ learning to their background knowledge. When students are able to connect to the content and material being taught, they will be more engaged in learning. I also value parent and family involvement and strive to make personal connections with families and students. It is important to bring families into the classroom to share in their child’s learning and growth. Keeping open communication with parents and connecting learning experiences to students’ backgrounds helps accelerate student learning.

  Teaching is a rich and rewarding profession.  As a teacher I believe that I will help students become life-long learners, helping make their lives fuller and more rewarding.  I enjoy helping students become active thinkers, learners, and contributing members of society.

Learn More About Me

  Interested in my educational background and experiences? Check out my resume.

Teacher Resume March 2019

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