Actively Learn

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Actively Learn Actively Learn is an amazing literacy website for teachers and students! It allows teachers and students to access thousands of texts online!

As the teacher, I am able to assign a text to students, insert questions that are tied to standards, and students are able to respond to the questions on the computer! The best part about it is that the text is sent directly to the students via Google Classroom!

You have the ability to search the text library according to grade level, standard, or subject area. If you are unable to find a text that is fitting for your students the website allows you to upload your own text or link an article from the internet to the website!

This tool has been fun to use with my students! They are actively reading and using the online features to practice test taking strategies. The website allows them to take notes (using online sticky notes), listen to the story, and answer questions. Their reading has improved so much!