Professional Learning Resources

The following are a list of resources that help me continue to grow as a professional educator.


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The Wild Card: 7 Steps to an Educator’s Creative Breakthrough, by Wade and Hope King, has been inspirational for me as I continue to grow as an educational professional. Wade and Hope are experienced educators who have spent time teaching at the famous Ron Clark Academy. In their book they tell a number of personal stories that highlight how they have creatively inspired their students to learn. They also offer tips and advice on how to step out of your comfort zone and take risks within your classroom. I continue to refer back to this book as I push myself to become a better educator.

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The End of Molasses Classes: Getting Our Kids Unstuck Extraordinary Solutions for Parents and Teachers, by Ron Clark, was the first educator book that I fell in love with. Ron Clark is one of my heroes and has inspired me to make a difference int he lives of my students. In this book he tells many stories of his struggles connecting and handling challenging students. He offers important advice on how teachers can better their classroom management and connect with students. This book has been key to helping me create relationships with all of my students. It has also helped build my foundation to my classroom management systems.

Blogs and Websites

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Christine Pinto’s blog, has been an outstanding resource for me during my first year as a technology teacher. Christine is an experienced educator who blogs about successful projects she has done with students. All of her projects explore new and unique technology tools. I visit her blog often when I unit plan at the beginning of each quarter.  It’s always nice to see what new and exciting projects she has completed with her students.

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Lisa Nielsen’s blog, has acted as a very educational resource for me. Lisa is an innovative educator who found school boring as a child. She uses her blog to help other teachers find innovative ways to make education more exciting for students. Every time I visited her blog I learn something new and can apply it to my own classroom.

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Discovery Education  is an educational website for both students and educators. Discovery provides supplemental materials to support all types of learners. Along with engaging videos and songs they offer a plethora of teaching strategies and lesson plans. I constantly use this website to enhance my lessons. All of their lesson plans are connected to Common Core Standards. Discovery also offers several professional development workshops through their websites.

Groups and Social Media

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Collapporative is a technology meetup group for educators in the Denver area. I joined Collapporative a year before starting my masters program. Collapporative meets monthly and allows educators to come together and socialize. We share ideas, projects, and learn about new and exciting technology trends together. DiscoveryEducation and Microsoft sponsor the meet up group and often provide professional development for us during our time together. This group inspired me to pursue my masters in technology. I have made strong connections with other educators and continue to learn and grow through the monthly meetings.

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Joe Dombrowski (Mr. D) is an outstanding educator and comedian that I follow in Instagram. He often posts short videos from his lesson within his classroom. Joe has a special talent for using humor in the classroom to drive student learning. I may not always get the most professional ideas from him but he often offers me some humor to get me through rough days. He does offer great suggestions on how to handle certain situations that may occur while teaching. Joe has helped me maintain a fun side to myself as a professional .

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I follow Kyla Dornfeld on Twitter.  She is an award winning teacher and inspirational educational speaker. Kyla has inspired me to become the best that I can be as an educator. Her account is filled with ideas that I have implemented in many of my classrooms. She is a master at capturing student’s hearts and using their background knowledge to drive instruction.