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This is a behavior management resource that has come in handy during my years of teaching. ClassDojo allows you to use technology to motivate students. Students earn points for specific behaviors. Students can also lose points for negative behaviors.

In my fifth grade class I tie the points to the following reward system

25 points = write with a pen for the day

50 points = free homework pass

75 points = positive phone call home

100 points = special breakfast with Mrs. Sandler

ClassDojo also has a messenger feature. This feature allows me to have direct contact with the parents. Parents have access to their child’s Dojo account and can view their points and behaviors. I have the ability to message parents at any time. It has been a huge help in communication among myself and parents.

Google Search for Kids

Did you know that Google has a kid friendly web search called Kiddle? Follow this link to check it out.


Discovery Education 


This resource helps engage students in real world learning experiences. It provides teachers and students with . . .

  • Videos, songs, and writing prompt
  • Virtual field trips
  • Virtual Reality experiences
  • Online poster building
  • Online quizzes and assignments




This is an amazing resource used with students in the classroom for math, reading, and writing. It provides teachers and students with . . .

  • Individualized standards based problems and activities
  • Standards based quizzes
  • Math Fluency practice
  • Writing prompts
  • Skills based activities
  • Adaptive practice for reading,writing, and math