REMIX Challenge

For INTE5340 I was assigned a classmate to “remix”. After viewing her website, blog posts, and Twitter account I chose to remix some of her “Daily Create” assignments from her Twitter page. This challenge was very hard for me. It was hard thinking of a creative way to change her work. I altered it by using a cartoon app on my phone to change the pictures, added music to the Adobe Spark show, and added text and audio to tell the story. I am now interested in remixing other things and teaching my students about remixing.

My remix!

10 Ways 

Image result for saying hello in different languages

I completed a challenge for my #inte5340 Digital Story Telling Class. We were asked to find a way to come up with 10 ways to do something and post it to Twitter. I discovered the Padlet app. Padlet is an interactive sticky note board that allows you to organize information.

I decided I would do 10 ways to say “Hello” I took 10 short videos of people saying “hello” in different languages and posted them to the padlet board.

Check out my project here

Collaborative Trends in Education

As part of INTE 6750 (Trends masters class) I participated in a collaborative group project. I worked with three other professionals to create a website that explores the trend of Collaboration in education today. The website takes a close look at different collaborative strategies within a K-12 education setting, higher education setting, and the corporate world!

Check out the site!

Mystery Skype

Geography is an important 5th grade skill. I believe that my students need to have an understanding of the United States and their locations. Many of my students have not had the opportunity to travel outside their current city (Aurora, CO). Thinking back to my days as a 5th grader I can vividly remember being given a blank map and having to fill in each state and capitol within a certain amount of time. I was never able to successfully do this. I wanted a more hands on and creative approach with my own students. I stumbled upon Mystery Skype and was instantly amazed with it’s power!

Mystery Skype connects classrooms from around the world with each other.Students ask yes or no questions to another classroom and have to figure out what state or country that class is from. Not only does it allow students to learn more about different countries and states but it requires students to use high levels of questioning and requires them to use listening and speaking skills to communicate.

Check out our first Mystery Skype last spring!


SWAY is a Microsoft online program that allows adults and children to make interactive slide shows. Check out some pictures of my students in action making their first SWAY.


I am thrilled to announce our classroom website! This is the first year I have had a classroom website and I am so excited to get the link into the hands of students and parents!

The purpose of this website is to

  • keep parents posted about upcoming dates and important events
  • offer opportunities for parents to learn about what we are doing in reading,writing,math, social studies, and science
  • showcase WOW work from students
  • post pictures for parents and families to see

It’s an on going work in progress but it’s been a fun way to share our learning with the community!