A Camping We Will Go


This year I celebrated Dr. Seuss in style! I participated in my first classroom transformed inspired by my favorite book The Wild Card  (written by Hope and Wade King). 

Most of my students have never visited the mountains let alone been camping. This made me really sad seeing as how we live an hour away from the Rocky Mountains!

For Dr. Seuss day I turned my classroom into a campground. I set up tents, built a fire, hung lights to act as “stars”, and brought snores. Students spent the day reading under the stars and in tents in flashlights. I put on campground sounds in the background and kept the lights off all day. Kids were so excited when they entered the campground! It was fun seeing them use their imaginations and enjoy reading!

The kids were so engaged and excited about reading! I am so inspired to do more classroom transformations now! 

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