Does Anyone Have Privacy Online?

Do you believe that anyone has privacy when using social media?

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This is a question that has become a reality. I have previously been a big user of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and found many positives to using these social networking sites. A few months ago I decided to get off of Facebook after facing some serious privacy issues.

In late August of this year I received a late night phone call from my Godmother. She was panicked, “I saw on your Facebook that your mom had died, are you ok?”. I was shocked and explained to her that my mom had not died, and was alive and well. Someone had hacked into my Facebook account and created another Facebook page under my name. Many of my family members were confused and a lot of incorrect information was posted about me.  I immediately disconnected myself from Facebook and reported the problem.

I feel a lot safe now that I am off Facebook. I still participate in Instagram and Twitter (mostly for educational purposes) and find value in both social networking sites. I have not heard about security or privacy issues with these 2 social networking sites.

When posting on any social networking site I think it is important to remember a few things …

  1. Is the information true and factual?
  2. Am I giving out any personal information such as phone number, address, employers


I we need to all sensor what we are posting and make sure it is not compromising our personal lives.

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