This morning I had the joy of meeting one of my 7th grade classes! As I was planning for this class I challenged myself to present information for them in a fun and new way. I originally thought I would have them sit in a circle and share out something they did over the summer. Then the technology teacher in me stopped and thought HOW BORING!

I decided to utilize Padlet to have them share out with their classmates. They were required to post one sticky note telling about at least 1 thing they did over the summer. After posting their sticky they were required to then respond to others.

They had a blast and it gave me an opportunity to get to know them! Such a fun experience!

I have been busy setting up my new technology lab this summer! I am beyond excited to have a beautiful technology lab filled with 27 Mac computers!

When setting up a room I think it is very important to incorporate color and personal touches! I have chosen to stick with my Broncos theme. I am hopeful that I can connect with all of my classes through my love of football!

I am so excited for my students to see my technology lab! I am hopeful that they will be as excited about our learning space as I am!

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I am beyond excited to announce that I will be starting a new adventure! Next year I will be teaching technology at Cherry Creek Academy. I will be working with 5th-8th graders and helping staff integrate technology into their classrooms.

Moving on from a traditional classroom setting does terrified me a bit. I am leaving behind 11 years of fantastic experiences in the classroom to venture out into my newly found passion. I am excited to learn new things and teach to my passions.

This summer I will be learning all about coding and animation! I can’t wait to start a new adventure!


My 5th graders have been busy becoming news reporters! They spent weeks learning how to write a news story, interview witlessness, and writing a news report. After they completed their stories I used a green screen and had them record their stories against the green screen.

We invited parents and staff to join us for our News Hour! Students watched their green screen videos and the classroom was transformed into a TV station!


news hour2newshournews hour

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On Friday, March 16th I had the opportunity to meet actor and author, John Amos. Most know John Amos for his famous acting roles in Good Times and Coming to America but he is also known for writing a children’s book called A World Without Color.

Thanks to the Shaka Franklin foundation, my classes got to meet Mr. John Amos. The foundation purchased a copy of his book for each of my students. John wrote a personal note in every book and autographed each one!

After reading his book to my students, John shared his personal journey with us. We learned about his life as a student, his acting career, and his journey becoming an author. He spent over 2 hours with my students! They enjoyed listening to him read and engaging in personal conversations with him. It was fun seeing my kids become so engaged in his book and have deep conversations about it with each other.

Students were so excited about his visit. “I have never had anything so precious before in my life” says one student after reading her copy of the book. “I will never forget Mr. Amos. He has inspired me to want to write stories about my life!” another student writes after listening to Mr. Amos share his personal journey.

This is certainly an experience that has created a lasting memory for me. The day I got to meet a celebrity was such a special day!




This year I celebrated Dr. Seuss in style! I participated in my first classroom transformed inspired by my favorite book The Wild Card  (written by Hope and Wade King). 

Most of my students have never visited the mountains let alone been camping. This made me really sad seeing as how we live an hour away from the Rocky Mountains!

For Dr. Seuss day I turned my classroom into a campground. I set up tents, built a fire, hung lights to act as “stars”, and brought snores. Students spent the day reading under the stars and in tents in flashlights. I put on campground sounds in the background and kept the lights off all day. Kids were so excited when they entered the campground! It was fun seeing them use their imaginations and enjoy reading!

The kids were so engaged and excited about reading! I am so inspired to do more classroom transformations now! 

To celebrate Valentines Day we played a tax game! Before diving into the American Revolution in Social Studies I thought it was important for students to understand the idea behind taxation.

The King called out laws and our tax collectors collected the taxes. Students learned an important lesson about taxing! The taxation laws put on the colonists were VERY unfair! After the game I asked students to reflect by asking them the following questions . . .

  • What was so unfair about the way the game was played?
  • How could King George III handled the taxation laws differently in order to make it a more fair process?

The student responses shocked me! Most of my students replied saying that the King should have taxed the people of Great Britain or used his own money to help pay his war debts.

All in all, this was a great activity and helped keep my students in engaged and excited about our learning on a very candy filled holiday!