To celebrate Valentines Day we played a tax game! Before diving into the American Revolution in Social Studies I thought it was important for students to understand the idea behind taxation.

The King called out laws and our tax collectors collected the taxes. Students learned an important lesson about taxing! The taxation laws put on the colonists were VERY unfair! After the game I asked students to reflect by asking them the following questions . . .

  • What was so unfair about the way the game was played?
  • How could King George III handled the taxation laws differently in order to make it a more fair process?

The student responses shocked me! Most of my students replied saying that the King should have taxed the people of Great Britain or used his own money to help pay his war debts.

All in all, this was a great activity and helped keep my students in engaged and excited about our learning on a very candy filled holiday!

Image result for reflection

This course has really flown by! As I look back on my journey through INTE5340 I can’t help but reflect upon my learnings.

Check out my Twitter story of best moments from this course!

In this last module I completed 2 Daily Creates.

Replying to 

baby food YUCK! The smell gets me every time!

This one was fun! I was challenged to photograph a food from a new point of view!
Replying to 

how about this creature? What would you name it?

This was really fun! I enjoyed using and will use this with my students!
During this module I completed a final challenge.
I used Slidely to make a picture slideshow. I incorporated photographs and music. It was fun combining different medias to make a digital story. I chose to show a timeline of my daughter’s life thus far. The slideshow starts at her birth and goes up through 6 months of age. It has a beginning, middle, and an end. I struggled to figure out how to add music to the slideshow. I am used to using google slides or power point so this program was new to me. It was easy to learn and fun to use! I also struggled figuring out how to create a shareable link! I was finally about to share it on Twitter!
Reflection Dialogue 
As part of our final reflection requirement I answered questions with Amber from my class. View our discussion!
Class Reflection
This class has been my most challenging by far. I am not a learner who does well with teaching myself how to use new tools. This course has pushed me to learn things on my own. I tried out new tools such as Google Tour Builder, Adobe Spark, and Slidely. Although, I found much of the course frustrating and overwhelming I proud of myself for pushing through it and learning how to use new tools. Much of the learning and tools I can easily teach my 5th grade students how to use and apply it to the standards that I teach.
My favorite module was the Remix module. I found it very interesting. I loved learning about the different types of remixes and how you can use a remix to tell a story. I will have students use pictures and comics to remix book covers in the classroom.
Even though I struggled as a learner in this course I am proud to say that I have grown as a story teller! I now have a bigger tool box to use to share my stories and remix others. I learned how to utilize Twitter to tell stories and start discussions with others. I will continue to tell stories throughout my life!

As we come close the end in this digital story telling course I continue to push myself and a impressed with my final outcomes!


I completed 2 challenges this module, one week 13 and one week 14

The first challenge I completed was Blast from the Past! This challenge was really fun! I had to recreate an old family photo and attach a story to it. I instantly drawn to this challenge because of my love for photographs. It was easy for me to select a photograph that had a strong memory and story. What wasn’t as easy was figuring out how to combine the two pictures together with audio. It took me some time to find a new application I hadn’t previously used to complete this challenge. I ended up using an application called Speaking Photo. It was easy to learn how to use. I used a photo collage application to combine the photos and then used Speaking Photo to add my audio story

Check out my Blast from the Past 

The next challenge I completed was called Don’t Stop Believing. This challenged allowed me to tell my professional career journey. I used Google Tour Builder to do this. I found this site easy to use and was able to add different types of media to my story. I used internet pictures, a youtube video, and video of myself. The most important learning I got out of this project was how I can use this with my 5th grade students. I intend to use this at the beginning of every school year to help students tell their story of where they spent their elementary years and where they are from. I can teach them how to search the internet for images and record video to enhance their tour. This was such a fun challenge! I felt as if I stretched myself by adding different types of media.  Check it out 

Daily Creates 

how many 106’s do you see?

 This was fun and easy! I wanted to come up with something that no one else had posted. I think I accomplished this by coming up with something unique

I enjoy drawing!

I enjoyed this because I was able to share something that I have created. I enjoy drawing and it’s always fun to share my works with someone else!

The reading this week was interesting. It was interesting reading about how it is less important for students to recall and memorize information these days. When I think back on my years of schooling I remember studying for tests and memorizing math facts. I have terrible memories of this and don’t remember most of the information. I agree with the article that it is more important to learn how to think critically and apply information they have learned to their lives and the real world. I enjoyed the discussion this week. Flexible seating and learning environment was mentioned. I would love to offer my students flexible seating options but I feel like it would be expensive to transform my class so that students had flexible seating options. I do agree 100 % that learning environment drives the way students learn. I work very hard to create a clean and creative space every year for my students that they can learn in. I take great pride in my classroom environment! I will continue to challenge myself on how I can get my students thinking more critically so they can become productive members of our society!
This module was one of my favorites! Lots of learning and struggle!

This #inte5340 module was all about remixing. According to Google a remix is a verb that means to mix again. However, our article from week 11 refers to remixing as taking cultural artifacts and combining and changing them into new creative blends. I had always thought of music and music videos when hearing the word remix. Now, I think of other things as well.

Image result for remix


I found this modules readings very interesting. Week 11’s reading was a bit difficult for me to get through. I found it wordy, long, and confusing. It was interesting learning about the different types of remixing. I found photoshopping remixing to be the most interesting. This is a type of remixing that I plan to share with my students. I hope to have them remix book covers when writing book reviews. I think they’ll blow me away with their photoshop creations!

Reading about the copyright laws scared me a bit. The example of the mother posting a video to youtube of her child sadden me. Seems like copyright laws are taking the joy out of sharing pictures and videos with family and friends. This article made me think hard about whether I am breaking copyright laws. I am now going to be more careful about how I use music when I make presentations and use it in my classroom. I also plan to share this article in a kid friendly way with my students. I can see the power of sharing it with kids. They should be aware of these at a young age. It is so important to give others credit for their work when you use it and alter it in any way. I know how a tool (attribute builder) to do this. It was interesting seeing this and I will be using it in the future when I use others work.

I continue to challenge myself to add meaningful and insightful comments to as well as adding to others ideas and comments. I am finding it helpful to ask questions and enjoy reading others connections. It helps me connect to the reading in a more personal way.  I did find it a bit frustrating that I made some meaningful comments week 12 but then couldn’t view them. I will now add comments through the direct link instead of the canvas site.

Daily Creates 

This module I only completed 2 Daily Creates. I spent most of my time and energy on the readings and remix challenge.

double Snow White action!

For this challenge I had to create double of something. I used a pic collage app to do this. This challenge was so fun!

baby sleeping

 For this challenge I had to turn something into pop art. I used a cartoon photo app along with a college app to do this.
This modules challenge was required! We were assigned a classmate and asked to remix part of their blog, website, or Twitter account. I was assigned Heather Kraus. After exploring her reflections on her website I decided I wasn’t comfortable remixing that information. I reached out to her via Twitter asking to interview her about her favorite challenge project. I was hoping to record the conversation using Soundcloud and remix it that way. I was sad because Heather never responded. I watched her Flipgrid introduction video with hopes to remix that. After watching it I didn’t feel at all compelled to change it in any way. I decided to remix some of her Daily Create challenges. To do this I used Adobe Spark. I have previously used Adobe Spark but this time added some audio to it.  This project took me a long time to complete! I started by taking a picture of the daily create, using the cartoon app on my phone to change the picture, emailing it to myself, saving it to my desktop, and then uploading it into Adobe Spark. Next week I want to challenge myself to learn how to screenshot from Twitter so that I can do something like this faster. Heather likes zombies so I tried to incorporate that by adding zombie music to the background of the slides. I also recorded myself explaining several of the daily creates. I altered it by adding text as well.
I thought remixing was a simple process. I learned from this project that it takes a lot of creativity, thought, and time. I was impressed with the way it turned out!
I also used the attribute builder included in our class outline to give Heather Kraus credit for her work. I included it at the end of the Adobe Spark slides.
This module provided me with new opportunities to challenge myself. I learned how to add audio to a presentation and remix someone else work. I am so excited to teach my students about the power of remixing. I hope to have them remix book covers to match book reviews. I also think it would be cool to have them remix each others work too.  I am also challenging myself to extend conversations through Twitter. I am starting to understand the power of social media.

This module of inte5340 has been interesting.

I found the readings to be very entertaining and interesting. I never realized how much fake news really does exist and how it impacts us. I have already begun creating some lessons for my 5th graders based around this topic. I enjoyed the conversations on about this topic.

Image result for fake news


I chose the Sketchnote Something challenge. To complete this I used an app called Paper53. It was hard for me to illustrate a timeline of my life using pictures. The app was easy to navigate. I became frustrated when I tried to export my sketchnote into a shareable link. It would only allow me to email myself a PDF. I reached out the to inte5340 community on Twitter and learned that I needed to first post the PDF to my blog and then I could easily share it out. This was an interesting learning for me that I can easily apply to other projects in the future. I stretched myself to try a new app and learned something in the process!

My Timeline



This week I completed the optional dialogue on Killing Kennedy with Shar and Melanie. Below are the main talking points of our conversation

  • We discussed the layout of the website. We all noticed how visually pleasing it was. It was great seeing both men compared to each other side by side throughout the presentation. We did find parts of it distracting though.
  • We agreed that it was really interesting learning more about the killer. His life growing up and it compared to Kennedy’s helped us understand the story. We agreed that we gained a bit of sympathy for the killer.
  • We noted that while it is a great story and cool website it was VERY time consuming. We won’t revisit the site and found it to be very long. You can view our dialogue here!

Daily Creates

Replying to 

Replying to 

hope this image brings you as much happiness as it brings me! Beauty in nature

It was fun to incorporate nature in an artistic photo. I also used a snapchat filter to add the location of the picture
Replying to 

tiny tiny lady bug!

All in all, this was a great module! The learning continues and I am constantly challenging myself to try new apps and use Twitter in new ways.

Module 4 seems like it’s been “easy as pie” for me! I am finally getting the hang of this class and the way it operates.

This past week I took a much needed vacation to visit family in New Jersey. Because I knew the vacation was coming up and I would have limited access to the internet and a computer I worked hard last module to get a bit ahead.

I did not complete a challenge this module because last module I completed both the 10 Ways and MC dialogue challenges. I posted links and wrote about these in my previous blog. (refer to previous blog “SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS” for links)

I had a fun time completing the Daily Creates this module.

The first one I did was a response to childhood fears.

 who’s afraid of the boogie man? View image on Twitter

2nd one I posted a video of my daughter drinking a bottle fast.
( I didn’t know how to post the video here)

always FAST when it comes to sucking a bottle down

The dialogue this week was optional but I chose to complete one and acted as the host yet again. I decided to explore the Google Cardboard site.
Check out the dialogue here
The points we discussed are as follows
* We all agreed that Google Cardboard could change the way students learned. We shared different ways that we could use it in the classroom.
    – build background knowledge before lessons
   – use at stations
    – use as a reward
     – help support with field trips
* Discussed some challenges with the cardboard
    – funding for the cardboard viewers. Who would purchase them? Would schools budgets help with this?
    – how to obtain cell phones? Would students be allowed to use theirs? How would this work/look?
* We LOVED the site and product. All wanted to have one ourselves to explore. A few of us mentioned that it made us dizzy and wondered if there was a way to help with this?!
I enjoyed this dialogue and was happy to ask as host again asking questions. I did learn how to post a video to youtube and list it as public vs. private. Initially I Tweeted out the link and it didn’t work. I had to go back in and learn how to post it as a public video not private.
I found the articles and videos this week terrifying. After watching the videos I had the chills. It is pretty terrifying to know that everything I do on the web is being tracked by someone out there. Websites and companies are using my information and I am leaving a foot print behind. I made many connections to a previous dialogue I had on the Do Not Track website. As scary as it is knowing I am “being watched” I still find myself using the internet in the same way. I don’t think I will make any changes to the way I use social media or the information I share on the web.  I feel like I have a stalker now, several stalkers. Always watching my every move on the internet. Crazy that I consent to this and I often don’t read the fine print when using websites. It is nice to be more aware of this now.
I did partake in a Zoom conversation prior to my trip with my professor. I was struggling to get to work on my computer. He ended up changing the format and reposting it to the class shell. Due to this, I was not able to comment and have good discussions for week 7 of class. I was able to actively comment on my own though. This just reminded me of the constant challenges that technology gives us. Nothing is ever perfect right?

One word sums up the past 2 week of #inte5340 = SUCCESS!

Image result for success

In just 2 weeks I have learned so much and challenged myself beyond what I thought was possible.

The Daily Creates 

Replying to 

international translation day = “Hello” in baby talk.

 For this challenge I used a drawing application. It was fun to be creative, use color, and think of how a baby would write hello!
Replying to 

can you guess what I’m obsessed with?

Saw lots of TALL Aspens while Hiking Maroon Bells in Aspen today!

 This challenge was fun because I learned how to attach a gif to Twitter. I wasn’t able to put the GIF in this blog post 😦
This week I stretched beyond my imagination to complete 2 challenges.
First Challenge
I completed the “10 ways” challenge. I was asked to come up with 10 ways to do something and use a new type of media to document it. After spending some time thinking of how to do this I chose “10 Ways to Say “Hello” “. I wanted to try a new app so decided to use Padlet. Padlet is an interactive sticky note board. It allows you to attach video and audio to an online poster board. I figured it would work perfectly for the challenge. I then selected 10 people who agreed to be in my video. I asked each of them to say “hello” in a different language. They enjoyed filming as much as I enjoyed putting the project together. I was able to combine my creativity with video and audio to complete the task. The biggest take away that I got from this challenge was how I can use and apply this app with my 5th grade students. I plan to start implementing it by having students create an interactive board about story elements. I envision each sticky note becoming a different story element (setting, characters, problem, solution, etc.)
Second Challenge 
I decided to take on the daunting task of hosting a dialogue. After deciding on Do Not Track I needed to get people to participate in my conversation. I utilized Twitter #inte5340 to do so. In time time at all I found myself with 3 interested classmates (Leyna, Holly, and Jennifer). I knew I would use Zoom to hold the conversation and record it. I asked my husband to participate in a mock meeting so that I could practice recording the conversation and learn how to create a new meeting time/session. Learning how to use Zoom was very easy and simple so I was excited to use the tool for the conversation this week. I spent some time picking out discussion questions and emailed them ahead of time to the participants. The conversation questions were as follows
1) What was your overall impression of the site?
2) After viewing the Morning Routine video, how is your routine similar or different than his?
3) Does this website change the way you think about the sties you visit? Will you change how you use social media or the internet based on what you have learned?
4) What was your favorite video and why?
5) Do you think the sites creator met his goal?
The conversation was wonderful! The following were the big take ways from our conversation.
* We all get up and use the internet or social media instantly after the alarm goes off. We all agreed that we check the news for the weather and headlines and also check Facebook or Instagram for new photos posted.
* Discussed if we’d rather pay to use the internet than have ads and cookies pop up. Leyna brought up an interesting point that made us all think. She stated “I’d rather pay to have more privacy. By paying it would allow me to have a peace of mind and more privacy when using the internet”. We agreed she had a good point and also thought it would help cut down on the amount of junk email we read and receive.
* We all really enjoyed the site and found it to be very scary/creepy. We didn’t realize how everything we do was being tracked. We talked about how you have to be careful and how I could use this concept with my 5th graders in the classroom.
After successfully completing the conversation and recording it I had to remix and enhance the zoom video. This was VERY challenging for me. I decided I wanted to learn how to use Imovie since I have an Iphone and Mac computer. I knew this would be a helpful app with future professional and personal projects. After watching several youtube videos I was ready to take on the daunting task! I wanted to keep it simple for my first Imovie project so I decided to try to add text to the conversation. I played around with it a lot and was able to add a title, participants names, questions asked, and added a little bit of music at the beginning and the end.
After editing and enhancing the video my next task was to post it to youtube! It took me awhile to figure out how to get Imovie into youtube format but I was able to do it! I then posted it to Twitter but got responses saying they couldn’t view it. I had to go back into youtbue and change it from Private to Public. I now know how to post things to youtube!
This project took me a very long time to learn and complete but I feel so good that I was able to complete it!
Required Readings 
After reading the required articles this week one word sums up my understanding = choice! I found the article entitled Using Twine as a Therapeutic Writing Tool

for Creating Serious Games to be the most interesting. The author discusses a game that allows abuse victims to relive their experience in order to benefit from therapy writing techniques.  I was able to relate to the article and think about how my several of my 5th grade students would benefit from it as well. I forgot that this type of writing is also consider story telling as well. I also enjoyed the article about collaborative learning. I use a lot of collaborative strategies in my classroom and it helped me come up with some new ideas to use.
All in all, the past 2 weeks have been challenging but I have learned so much! My favorite part of this module was completing the 10 ways challenge!