zSpace Lesson Library for Staff

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 8.34.47 AM.png

This semester I have spent a lot of time thinking critically about how my school (Cherry Creek Academy) can better utilize our new zSpace lab. During my research class I have been given the opportunity to conduct research around Virtual Realities in education. This research has helped me to come up with an action plan for my staff.

In order to enact change with our zSpace I need to present information to staff. I have spent time connecting each grade levels standards to zSpace lesson plans. zSpace offers a vast lesson library that makes connections to grade level standards for each state. I am beyond excited to share this with my staff.

I have begun developing a Google Site that will allow staff members to share the zSpace lessons they have completed with their students. This will allow future staff members to utilize the space and connect it to the topics they are teaching.

I think this change I am making is powerful and will help improve our zSpace lab usage!

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