Google Sites With Primary Students

Being new to my school I knew I needed an interactive and fun way to get to know my students. I was shocked to learn that my second and third grade students had not been exposed to Google Slideshows before. I knew I had to incorporate getting to know them into using Google Slideshows.

I decided to create a simple slide template and call their first project All About Me! I had my students complete a slideshow template that would allow me to learn more about them!

I taught them the following skills within Google Slides

  • Inserting a text box into each slide
  • The command (on a Mac) for making bullet points
  • Clicking and dragging pictures from a search site into their slideshow
  • Taking a “selfie” picture using the PhotoBooth app
  • Inserting pictures as a background on a slide
  • Changing the colors of fonts and backgrounds
  • Adding transitions to each slide
  • Presenting the slideshow in presentation mode.

Students spent 4 weeks making their slideshows. They had so much fun and most of them chose to extend their beyond school to their homes. At the end of our project we invited parents in to see our hard work and present their shows.

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