Another Module Completed!

This module of inte5340 has been interesting.

I found the readings to be very entertaining and interesting. I never realized how much fake news really does exist and how it impacts us. I have already begun creating some lessons for my 5th graders based around this topic. I enjoyed the conversations on about this topic.

Image result for fake news


I chose the Sketchnote Something challenge. To complete this I used an app called Paper53. It was hard for me to illustrate a timeline of my life using pictures. The app was easy to navigate. I became frustrated when I tried to export my sketchnote into a shareable link. It would only allow me to email myself a PDF. I reached out the to inte5340 community on Twitter and learned that I needed to first post the PDF to my blog and then I could easily share it out. This was an interesting learning for me that I can easily apply to other projects in the future. I stretched myself to try a new app and learned something in the process!

My Timeline



This week I completed the optional dialogue on Killing Kennedy with Shar and Melanie. Below are the main talking points of our conversation

  • We discussed the layout of the website. We all noticed how visually pleasing it was. It was great seeing both men compared to each other side by side throughout the presentation. We did find parts of it distracting though.
  • We agreed that it was really interesting learning more about the killer. His life growing up and it compared to Kennedy’s helped us understand the story. We agreed that we gained a bit of sympathy for the killer.
  • We noted that while it is a great story and cool website it was VERY time consuming. We won’t revisit the site and found it to be very long. You can view our dialogue here!

Daily Creates

Replying to 

Replying to 

hope this image brings you as much happiness as it brings me! Beauty in nature

It was fun to incorporate nature in an artistic photo. I also used a snapchat filter to add the location of the picture
Replying to 

tiny tiny lady bug!

All in all, this was a great module! The learning continues and I am constantly challenging myself to try new apps and use Twitter in new ways.

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