The Digital Story Journey Begins . . .

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Recently, I started my “Digital Stories” masters class. As I begin this class I can’t help but feel anxious and nervous! When it comes to Twitter, Google Docs, or Power Point I consider myself to be a wiz. As for making videos online and editing them I am a real dummy.

As part of my first class assignment I was asked to make a non-verbal introduction video using an app called Flipgrid. After downloading the app and joining the INTE5340 group I was faced with the task of silently introducing myself in 2 minutes or less. After watching several examples I was ready to face the task head on!

Check out my introduction!

I quickly, realized that I made a crucial spelling error in my video! After spending some time trying to delete my video and repost it I realized that only admin could delete the video. I have intentionally decided to leave my video as is and accept that I am imperfect and mistakes are ok. Although I am embarrassed by my spelling mistake (did you even notice it?) I am proud of myself for completing my first silent video!


This week I also had to complete a Daily Create challenge on Twitter. I chose to take a “what color is your mind” quiz and post it on my Twitter. My color mood was blue. Because, I am currently in Beaver Creek, Colorado I thought I would incorporate my surroundings into my Twitter response. View my Tweet on my “Home” page by pressing on the + sign.

I was also tasked with annotating our class syllabus using a google extension called I struggled with how to use this tool at first. I watched some youtube videos and quickly learned how to utilize this tool on a Mac computer. I found the tool to be easy to use and interesting as well. It was nice seeing other people’s questions and comments. Now that I am able to easily pull up the tool I look forward to using it to complete the required readings for this course.

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My next step is to complete a challenge task. I will be busy researching and teaching myself how to use a new media so that I can get this completed next week.

Even though I felt anxious about this weeks tasks I am proud of myself that I have completed them in a timely manner! I am not very good at learning new things by myself but will push on and be positive about the challenge next week!

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